.The World's Your Stage.

Just a budding dancer with a hunger for life. Not sure where it will take me,
but with good food and good friends, be sure I'll steal the spotlight.


You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.

                                                 Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan 1878 to 1927

Isadora is known as the mother of  “modern dance,” founding the “New System” of interpretive dance, blending together poetry, music and the rhythms of nature.  She did not believe in the formality of conventional ballet and gave birth to a more free form of dance, dancing barefoot and in simple Greek apparel. Her fans recognized her for her passionate dancing and she ultimately proved to be the most famous dancer of her time. 

The combo I made up for class



My dancers when I teach them my choreography



When people say you spend to much time dancing…




I love being a dance artist.

Pics from my senior photo shoot. Almost outta here. =)